HTC Vive Review Roundup

How does the Vive stack up against the others

Lots of people have got their hands on the HTC Vive and they had plenty of good things to say about it.

Polygon – Review score = 8/10

So yes, the Vive asks a lot from anyone buying the platform, but it gives just as much back, if not more so. Everyone has the same reaction after a demo, in our experience: They remark on how complicated it seems and how little they’d want to set one up in their own home, and then they get wide-eyed and want to tell you all about how amazed they are by the experience.

The Verge – Review Score = 8/10

In the end, there’s a good argument that the Vive’s ideal customers are neither makers nor players of games. Virtual reality has a long history in fields like architecture, industrial design, and military training, and the solid, no-nonsense Vive can replace older solutions like CAVE rooms at a fraction of the cost. Oculus has clearly thrown its weight behind VR film and gaming, but Valve and HTC have been more circumspect — they didn’t craft an entertainment ecosystem, they just showed up with some goggles and controllers and let people play with them. For now, at least, that’s turned out to be enough.

Gamespot’s thoughts

If you list the features it has compared to Rift, there will only be a few differences, but Vive’s few advantages make a big difference in practice. To go with Rift is to wade in the waters of VR; choosing Vive is like jumping into the deep end.

Engadget – Review Score = 82/100

The Vive is no doubt the geekiest thing I have in my home right now — and that’s saying something. It’s an impressive effort by HTC, which has had a rough few years in mobile, and Valve. It’s oh-so-close to being the Holy Grail of VR experiences. It’s just too bad that ergonomics get in the way of truly enjoying it.

Yahoo’s thoughts

The HTC Vive is an absolutely wonderful piece of technology. Its ability to make you feel as though you’ve left your home and are floating through space or felling enemies with a bow and arrow is unparalleled. Ask anyone who’s used the Vive, and they’ll tell you how absolutely incredible the experience is. It’s flat- out ridiculous fun.

So HTC should be very pleased with how their VR device is being received by the public!

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