Nvidia GTC 2016 Conference

What did nvidia have to show off this year?

Nvidia released some of their latest work at the GTC 2016 conference and with that comes more news in the VR world. Nvidia’s conference went for just over 2 hours and covered everything from latest GPU’s, to work they’ve been performing in the automotive industry. Unfortunately in the 2 hours, they didn’t make mention of the upcoming GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 cards so we will have to wait a bit longer for that.

They did show off what they call a zero latency display which runs at a whopping 1700Hz which will of course be excellent for VR.

They also showed off the Pascal P100 which is the very first graphics card in the Pascal family. It supports HBM2 and sees 40% better performance than a Titan X. This of course, won’t be cheap and as such is more aimed at professionals rather than the common home user. Speaking of not cheap is Nvidia’s DGX-1 Deep Learning System launching in June which contains 8 Tesla GP100 GPU cards pumping out 170 teraflops from 28,672 CUDA cores. If that isn’t crazy enough it also features 2 16-core Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 2.3GHz CPUs, 512GB of DDR4 RAM, 4x 1.92TB SSD RAID, dual 10GbE, 4x¬†InfiniBand¬†EDR network ports. All of this requires a lot juice coming in at 3200W of power. This all will set you back $129,000.


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