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Everyone is curious about it

A user on Reddit has done an in-depth review about his experiences with viewing adult content with a VR device. We know a lot of people are curious about how well this works and lets be honest, it will be a large factor when it comes to the success of virtual reality devices as it will have a large market audience. He is using a HTC Vive during this review.

Don’t worry, I will not go graphic whatsoever, but I will share my first experience with VR porn. Also, I tried to use a bunch of different software to watch VR video, and the best by far was Virtual Desktop FYI.

Right away, I will say it’s more awkward than sexy and that it kind of requires a learning curve (no pun intended).

1) How do you even watch VR porn?

I found a site that had VR porn, but when I subscribed and downloaded the first video, I was like “Oh, shit. Now what?”

I downloaded a few apps that the site recommended, and NONE of them worked. One was even sold through Steam and was made for VR video called Whirligig, but it didn’t work. It would open on some weird green row of boxes which looked like a super blurry menu, and I couldn’t select or do anything.

Meanwhile I had already downloaded Virtual Desktop. I went to the video tab, opened the VR video, and it worked flawlessly!

2) Filesizes are ENORMOUS

Guys, if you want to watch a 20 minute high res VR video, that’s like anywhere between 3-4 GB large. I have a super fast connection, so I was able to download a bunch of videos fairly quickly, but this is no joke. They’re massive files.

3) So, the experience! …it’s awkward…

The weird thing is that the actor has to interact with YOU and not another actor (although sometimes there’s a group scene, naturally). To do so, an actor is placed in as your avatar. Your avatar tends to stay still while an actor does stuff to you.

Where the awkwardness comes in is, in normal 2D porn, the actors tend to react to each other, so there’s a natural scene that plays out that feels sincere and hence feels sexy to watch. However, since your avatar doesn’t do anything, the actor has to kind of overcompensate. They overcompensate with how much they talk (“Ya, I want you so hard. You want me too. I’m gonna touch you now. I’m touching you. You feel me touching you? Because I am. I am touching you. So much.”) After a while you’re just like “OMG I GET IT!”

They also overcompensate with their actions. Since they’re literally doing all the work because your avatar stays still, it can seem almost unfair lol. This poor person just keeps almost trying to make you like them, and you’re just standing there. I’m such a terrible lay!

4) It requires a learning curve

With normal 2D porn, you see all the action taking place at once. However, with VR porn (I watched 180 degree porn), you gotta really look around a lot. That has moments where it’s kind of hot because let’s say they’re “on top of you” and you get to look up at their faces which can feel pretty cool. However, sometimes you’re not sure where to look and maybe you’re missing out on something happening down below lol.

Not only that, looking around with a headset can also feel a bit laborious. It’s not exactly light as a feather, so looking up and down and around can get annoying.

5) So am I supposed to stand or lay down?

So far, the avatar that acts as you either lays down or stands up while looking down or up at their “partner” (the actor). It’s a little weird just sitting on a couch or chair experiencing all that. So I ended up sitting on the floor. However, given how the actors couldn’t really convey a real connection to my avatar nor could their acting convince me that they were truly into the situation, I wasn’t turned on at all. Meanwhile I’m sitting on the floor with my pants down wearing a bulky headset. I felt like a total moron.

6) “So did you…ya know…finish?” I hear you ask.

No. Unfortunately the experiences I had weren’t very sexy. The biggest reason was really the chemistry of the actor and “myself.” I never felt like they were into me and they never could convince me that they were really that turned on by the situation.

It really comes down to the fact that this is so new, no one really knows how to make it look or feel sexy yet. The actors are probably staring at some weird contraption over the shoulder of the person they have to have sex with while also talking to it like they’re turned on. I mean even some professional actors have trouble seeming sincere talking to inanimate objects standing in front of a green screen. They also need to learn when to talk, how to talk, what to say and when to just let their actions speak for the situation. You can just tell this whole thing is new for them too. Porn actors have a lot to learn.

There’s also the teledildonics stuff you can buy that’s extra hardware that can do stuff to you that’s in reaction to what’s happening on screen, but I don’t own any of that. If anyone else has, please let us know if it’s worth it 😀

However, it’s not dire. There were some tiny flashes of something special (like when you look up at your partner doing stuff to you), but it’ll take time for VR porn to mature. I really think, even with the bulky headsets, once the actors and directors know how to make it more convincing, it’ll work. But, right now, I haven’t found any videos that do it for me…that’s not to say I won’t keep looking. I’m not a monster!




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