AMD Stock rises 52%


AMD Shares


After AMD’s Q1 2016 financial report, their stocks rose to $3.99USD, a jump of 52.29% making it the largest gainer and most active stock on the NASDAQ for the day. 140million stocks were traded which is more than 10 times the usual 50 day average (12 million.) AMD announced they are working with THATIC to develop high performace x86 for China to hopefully get more market share against the big powerhouse that is Intel. This joint venture with AMD and THATIC should net AMD a nice sum of $293 million as well as royalty payments.

AMD President & CEO Lisa Su – Q4 2015 Earnings Call
We remain focused on completing our strategic work around three key growth pillars. First, in PCs, even in a declining overall market, we believe we can regain client compute and discrete graphics share for the year, driven by gaming, VR, commercial, and our most competitive product roadmap in more than a decade.
We have clear opportunities to regain GPU share in 2016 based on the performance per watt of our new GPUs and software leadership. Earlier this quarter at CES, we announced our new Polaris GPU architecture, which we expect to begin shipping in the middle of 2016.



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