Why Sony is such a big player for VR

Tim Biggs has written up an interesting article on the importance of the Sony PlaystationVR which raises some good points

Until now, practical virtual reality has been available only through expensive and complicated PC-connected headsets or comparatively rudimentary smartphone holders. With the release on Thursday of the PlayStation VR, Sony is taking the middle ground and hoping to introduce the technology to the masses.

Designed to be used in your loungeroom, the PSVR provides full game experiences and interactivity in a way smartphone systems could not, while also removing many of the barriers to entry inherent to the PC’s Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Users will have to get accustomed to being tethered to their TV via a long, thick cable, and most will have to spend extra money on the required PlayStation 4 camera ($90), but this still makes the solution the cheapest and easiest way to get high quality VR experiences at home.

Also of note is that the PSVR comes with a small processing box that sits between the PlayStation 4 and the TV. This box allows those not wearing the headset to watch what’s happening on the big screen, and certain games even let additional players in on the fun using standard controllers. This makes for a much more social, console gaming feel compared to the mostly isolated experience of PC VR.

Ephraim says that despite the focus on accessibility over cutting edge tech, Sony’s existing clout will help make the headset “the best” VR experience.

“We’ll have 50 games by Christmas. We’ve got a multitude of publishers working on it”, he says.

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