Introducing the Google Daydream

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Introducing the Google Daydream, Google’s latest VR device.

Google Daydream VR
Google Daydream VR

Price: $119AUD

Colours: White, grey, red

As shown below, Google Street-view is compatible so you can walk around in world-famous landmarks and feel like you are actually there!

Google Daydream

Youtube is also another supported application with Netflix coming on the way soon as well. All TV Shows and movies in the Play Movies catalogue is available straight from launch.

Youtube VR

It’s not on the same tier as the HTC Vive but for how cheap this is you still get a good taste of what VR has to offer. One downside is that while using the Google Daydream with the Pixel smartphone, it gets considerably hot after only 15 minutes of usage. The Pixel does perform better than other smartphones with VR devices of the past and sees more accurate tracking and higher quality graphics.

Google Daydream VR

Visit the official Google Daydream site for more details.

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