Top 10 Most Downloaded PlayStation VR Games

The current Top 10 most downloaded VR Games on the Sony PSN Store are as follows:

#1 Job Simulator

#2 Batman: Arkham VR

#3 Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

#4 Playstation VR Worlds

#5 Here They Lie

#6 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

#7 EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Edition

#8 Gunjack

#9 Harmonix Music VR

#10 Sports Bar VR

The Sony PSVR hasn’t been out for too long yet but there has been a sound amount of early adopters. The thing to watch will be to see how many people pick one up over the 2016 Christmas holidays. With lots more VR titles announced in the 2017 calendar we can see the interest increasing and with some big name IP’s getting the virtual reality treatment, more gamers will be tempted to give it a try.


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