Driveclub VR Review

Sit inside the exotic cars

Driveclub VR

My most played Playstation 4 game, Driveclub, gets the VR treatment. Driveclub received a lot of bad press during it’s launch and a lot of people wrote the game off, never giving it a proper chance. I was one of the gamers that purchased the game day one and happily sunk hundreds of hours into it. Now with the release of the PlaystationVR, we see DriveclubVR released.


PS4 Pro

Driveclub VR runs at 60 frames a second reprojected to 120fps, keeping the races very smooth but due to the power of the PS4, the graphical detail is slightly lowered to keep the frame rate at a solid rate. This is an acceptable trade-off as the game is gorgeous looking and doesn’t ruin the experience in anyway. The lighting remains unaltered for the most part and the cockpits of the hundreds of vehicles look amazing, it really does feel like you’re sitting in a Ferrari!

The career mode in Driveclub VR is considerably shorter compared to the original DriveClub but leveling up and unlocking cars is faster. So if you’ve already played and finished the original, you may feel that Driveclub VR isn’t very good value, where as newcomer’s will feel that it’s a better deal.

DriveclubThere has been a large amounts of reports where people have suffered from motion sickness while playing DriveclubVR, so maybe give this game a miss if you feel that you are quite prone to suffer from this. I remember playing the original and the sense of speed in some of the cars is amazing, like the McLaren’s pictured above. This is something that I feel the Gran Turismo series still lacks.

Feature list

CRUISE MODE: Freely roam the DRIVECLUB VR tracks in and out of car and soak up impressively details locations in VR.

PASSENGER MODE: Jump in the passenger seat and take a thrill ride with some of the best racers in the world!

INSPECTION MODE: Inspect the cars inside and out, from any angle at your leisure





+ Amazing graphics

+ Large list of cars

– Short career mode

– Motion sickness can be a big turnoff for some

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