Time Machine VR Review

Creatures of the deep

Time Machine VR

Time Machine VR is the latest game from Minority Media Inc and it takes players into the future to the year 2033. The human race is struggling with a global pandemic and it’s your job to find the cure.

The music is a bit of a letdown, they could have made more out of some tense situations to really draw the player in but it’s not terrible either. The sense of scale feels realistic as some of the large underwater beasts you’ll come across will make you feel quite small and the ocean floors can be very deep in some locations giving players huge areas to explore.

Time Machine VR

There’s a decent amount of play-ability with this game selling for around $49 depending on your region but I feel that most players probably wouldn’t do a second playthrough once finishing the game if only maybe just playing it in short stints just for the relaxing nature of exploring under the sea.Time Machine VR

Each of Time Machine VR’s four levels is reached from the main hub area as well as the main database where you can read more information on the dinosaur discoveries you’ve made. To make these discoveries you scan creatures that you spot by either launching a probe at them, scanning organs with an x-ray or attaching bait to the creature so a predator can be lured, giving you the opportunity to take a snapshot of the attack. These various methods are gradually unlocked as you progress through Time Machine VR.

Rating: 7/10



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