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Hordes of Zombies

Arizona Sunshine is the latest VR game for use with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and can be purchased and downloaded on the Steam store at the link at the bottom of this article.

There has also been confirmation that there will be a PlayStation 4 version but no release date has been set in stone just yet.

Arizona Sunshine VR

Arizona Sunshine was shown at the 2016 Game Developers Conference, which showcased the co-op gameplay. The game is your usual zombie-genre experience where players fight to fend off waves of incoming undead. There’s a roughly 4 hour long campaign on offer but there’s not much in the way of story-telling. On the plus side the protagonist makes the odd jokes here and there which is a nice change from a lot of shooters where the main character is either completely voiceless, or just makes grunting noises and complains.


Arizona Sunshine VR

The A.I. of the zombies in Arizona Sunshine is fairly simple once you’ve played long enough and you’ll notice 3 common traits, slowly walking around until you are spotted, crawling across the ground if they have an injured leg, or running at you. Despite the A.I being relatively simple, they are deadly and will take you out in an instant. Always watch your back and if you’re playing co-op, work as a team and support each other!

The multiplayer mode increases the difficulty by making the players share the ammo as there isn’t as much to be found, making you strategise the way you play. Another aspect that adds to the difficulty is during the dark levels, only player is able to use the flashlight.

There is also another feature called horde mode where you and your friends (4 players max) can face off against endless waves of zombies, sort of in the same way as you’d be used to in the COD series, only in Arizona Sunshine there is just the one map with the same layout to play on. Hopefully in later patches or a DLC perhaps they will flesh this mode out more. This can easily be the mode you’ll sink the most time into as it gets addictive to see how many waves you can survive and to experiment with different tactics.

Another mode to select from is Apocalyptic Mode, which is the highest level of difficulty where the player only has a single handgun, very limited ammo and there are no checkpoints.

Final Rating : 8/10

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