9 Game Indie Bundle Pack for PlayStation VR

The 9 games are:

  • Dreadhalls – White Door Games
  • Sisters – Otherworld Interactive
  • Jurassic Survival
  • 405 Road Rage – Lucid Sight
  • PolyRunner VR – Lucid Sight
  • Space Bit Attack – Lucid Sight
  • Zombie Strike – Lucid Sight
  • Turkey Hunt – Lucid Sight
  • Gumi No Yume – Lucid Sight

VR is such a new medium, consumers want to see all the different experiences that have never been possible before. We wanted to include nine games at a price point below $15, so players could try a lot of different stuff. Each game will be less than a couple bucks.” said Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight.

No release date has been confirmed yet but it’s looking like it will likely be early 2017.

Jurassic Survival is an open-world survival game where players must learn to live with roaming dinosaurs.


• Open World
• Survival
• Building and Crafting
• Different species of dinosaurs
• Inventory and items to collect
• Weather

It hasn’t received amazing reviews on Steam as of yet but the devs are hard at work constantly making improvements to the game.


Watch this hilarious gameplay video of Dreadhalls.

PolyRunner VR

PolyRunner VR has some solid reviews on the Steam store and is definitely worth checking out.


  • A spaceflight runner designed to put your skills to the test
  • Intriguing, immersive landscapes that change as you progress
  • Checkpoints and boosts that help you earn even higher scores
  • An incredibly comfortable VR experience
  • Multiple control options to suit your preference
  • Intuitive and easy to learn, but challenging to achieve top scores

405 Road Rage

405 Road Rage is free on the Oculus site.

405 Road Rage is a endless traffic racer taking place on the world famous California 405 Freeway. Experience driving in traffic like never before! Bump, side-swipe and and ram your way through traffic in this ultra realistic (cough) simulation of California driving. Enjoy a variety of game-play with unlock-able vehicles, upgrades and weaponry that is sure to make your virtual commute a breeze.


-6 Player Vehicles

-Over 20 Different Traffic Vehicles

-3 Game-play Modes including Bomb Bus Mini-game

-Missile Launcher Upgrade

-Cowcatcher Upgrade


Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike is available for free on the Oculus site.

The zombie apocalypse has brought humanity to its knees and the living are all but lost. The land runs rampant with the undead, and it’s up to you to claim it back! Z-STRIKE puts you at the helm of a powerful drone as you shoot your way through increasingly treacherous waves of zombie hordes in a desperate attempt to save the last of mankind. Take to the skies in the dead of night with your drone and protect your bunker and the survivors running to take safety.

Use your superior targeting skills and powerful weapons to take out the hordes of undead: slow shamblers, hulking beasts, and agile jumpers alike. The longer you’re fighting, the greater the challenge becomes, as their numbers only grow with time. Survival is dependent on your skill, precision and the advanced weapon upgrades you gain throughout your missions. Hope for the future rests on your shoulders! Will you rise to the challenge?

Gumi No Yume

Gumi No Yume has been Greenlight on the Steam store.

Join Konpeito and his friends on a kawaii candy adventure in Gumi no Yume!

Immerse yourself in delicious puzzle dreamlands and test your cognitive skills in this addictive VR experience based on the classic Japanese strategy game Sokoban. Match the gummy pieces to corresponding board locations in the least amount of moves to complete a level while collecting coins.



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