Best VR games for iPhone

Here is our list of the current best VR games for the iPhone platform. Make sure to check back here regularly as new games are constantly being released.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Cost: $0.99

Lamper the firefly is back and better than ever! Play again as Little Lamper, a brave lightning bug in a big, dangerous world. The sinister Spiders have invaded the Firefly Kingdom and kidnapped your friends! Explore lush woods and fiery caverns as you rescue and recruit your friends on an epic adventure! Use fireballs and power-ups to blast through your enemies! Experience fun gameplay and immersive worlds in this beautiful cardboard VR runner game.

* Fly through colorful and immersive high quality worlds, made even more amazing through the power of virtual reality!

* No controller necessary! Simply tilt and nod your head to look where you want to fly!
* The farther you travel the more dangerous the challenges! How far can you explore? The further you go, the better your score!

“Addictive and very polished” – VR Pill
* Dodge enemies, avoid obstacles and use exciting power-ups on a mission to save your friends!

* Defeat enemies and defend yourself in Fireball Mode as a fiery Firefly! Double your coins and fly faster in the dazzling Rainbow mode!

* Find, rescue and play as 5 exciting Firefly characters, all with their own unique flight style and character voices!

FastHit VR

Cost: $0.99

FastHit VR is just as the name suggests a fastpaced shooter including 45 levels, 17 sceneries and connects to the Game Center.

InCell VR

Cost: 0.99

An action/racing VR game with strategy and education elements involved in the gameplay. Your job is to stop a virus from spreading and can be played with or without a VR headset.

InCell VR iphone

Last Order Blackwood Project VR Game

Cost: $3.99

The story line sets a soldier in the middle of the post-nuclear environment. All started with a mistake that happened during conduction of nuclear experiments in the military base. The results of that are irreversible and led to various mutations especially in the closest neighborhood of the military base. In the game, the player has a very important mission. He needs to get to the military base and collect any evidence about the top secret experiments, which will help scientist to prevent further mutations. To achieve that, the player will go through different locations completing the quests and trying not to get killed by those affected after the explosion.

– Scary post-nuclear atmosphere
– Immersive storyline experience
– Huge map with many blood freezing locations
– Different weapons hidden on the map
– Optimized for Virtual Reality experience.

 Last Order Blackwood Project VR

Vanguard V

Cost: Free

Vanguard V is a fast action VR game developed with the collaboration of eight team members that features great music and space exploration.


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