Watching NBA in VR

NBA will be the first American pro sports league to broadcast a regularly-scheduled series of live games in virtual reality throughout a season. The NBA is showing one VR game per week which you can see here, which will usually be Tuesday night games, in a new  partnership with NextVR. To make use of this, you will need a Samsung VR headset, a compatible Samsung phone like the Galaxy S7, and the NextVR app. Support for Google Daydream and Playstation VR is on the cards soon, NextVR have confirmed. On top of this, you will also need to hold a subscription to the NBA League Pass, which costs $199 but does give you access to every game right across the season.

Samsung Gear VR

The NextVR broadcast includes its own announcers, who share directional commands such as “look to your left to see a fight for a loose ball”. This is a nice little addition so you make sure you pick up all the best parts of the game. This is a really cool innovation and will make fans feel like they are right there at the game, great if you missed out on buying tickets!


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