VR hangout Rooms and phone calls

“Coordinated App Launch API” has been launched by Facebook which lets you gather with your friends in Oculus VR’s new Rooms feature. From today you’ll be able to try out this API, as Oculus is launching “Rooms” for the Samsung Gear VR mobile headset. Oculus Rift support is expected to come in 2017. Another feature called “Parties”  gives consumers the ability to make audio calls for organising meetups. Oculus first announced these features in October at the Oculus Connect 3 conference.

Samsung Gear VR

No controllers are required to play with Rooms, you look and tap the touchpad on the Samsung Gear VR to navigate through the portal.

The Rooms feature lets you meet up with friends in a private VR modern living room. The Chat space lets you communicate with each other, and with the spatial audio, you’ll know where friends are in Room. The avatars mouths will even move as each person talks which is a nice little touch.

The App Launcher space is for the times you want to play a proper VR experience all as a group. You’ll be able to see who owns what game and if everyone owns the same one, be able to launch and play together with the Coordinated App Launch API.

The Watch space provides a big screen TV you and friends can control and watch popular Facebook videos. Facebook is reportedly in the process of making deals with premium content owners to increase it’s 2D social network’s video selection.

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