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The Facebook VR team have put together stories and resources from their experiences of building for VR. The site will be updated regularly so make sure to check back every now and then to stay in the loop.


One such good article is Maheen Sohail’s post who is a Product Design Intern at Facebook.

A product designer new to VR should already know that ideating does not require fancy tools, that iteration is key to good design and that it’s important to test your prototypes with users early in the process. Many folks working in VR today don’t have a background in product design, but other disciplines like software and game development instead. Understanding your strengths as a designer will bring great value as there is a lot that product designers can offer teams developing for VR.

Before I began working on a VR experience, I made sure to start with the product design basics: Who am I designing for? What is the problem I’m trying to solve? Where and what context will this be used in? Why are we building this? This helped me manage the initial chaos of designing for VR. I also helped keep my team aligned by documenting my process in a journey framework.

As pioneers within this industry, the possibilities are endless. What makes me excited for the future of VR is that it gives us designers a whole new canvas in which to innovate. You can contribute to this space as much as as any other designer. Don’t let the fear of this new medium hold you back from contributing to a future that is rapidly coming towards us!

I’m excited to be returning to Facebook next year to continue my VR adventure. In the meantime, I’ll be preparing myself as best as I can for the industry. You can learn more about Facebook Design internships here. If you’d like to talk about VR or internships, feel free to reach out!


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