Best VR browsers

December 6, 2016 0

There’s a handful of VR browsers available now and we have compiled a list of the best ones. Try a few and see which one you prefer! Samsung Internet for Gear VR Cost: Free The […Read]

Sony dominating Virtual Reality market share

December 5, 2016 0

Thanks to Darius Lahoutifard, founder of 01consulting for the numbers and chart. Sony have only just entered the VR gaming world and they are off to an amazing start, enjoying a 30% market share with Facebook […Read]

Ubisoft confirms cross-platform play in their VR games

December 1, 2016 0

On Ubisoft’s official blog, Eagle Flight developer Red Storm’s senior creative director, David Votypka, has announced “Our games feature a strong multiplayer experiences, so letting friends play together regardless of which headset they own will […Read]

Conan O’Brien visits Youtube’s VR Lab

November 19, 2016 0

Conan visits the YouTube Space in New York City and is presented with some of the most high-tech, cutting edge virtual reality technology in the world, but he mostly wants to know about porn. More […Read]

Introducing Google Earth VR

November 19, 2016 0

Google Earth was released 10 years ago to the world but now we see a massive new feature added and that is  Google Earth VR. This gives people the chance to explore the world in […Read]

Hideo Kojima Is Coming To Sydney, Australia

November 14, 2016 0

Hideo Kojima is coming to Sydney in 2017 for RTX Australia which will be taking place on February 4th-5th at the new International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. Find the event info on the official […Read]

Blizzcon 2016

November 4, 2016 0

Blizzcon 2016 begins so one can expect some pretty exciting announcements shortly! What do you think might get announced? More characters in Overwatch? Sombra for Heroes of the Storm? Personally I would love if Diablo […Read]

Real Life Tekken

October 12, 2016 0

Stuntman Eric Jacobus has put together a really impressive video where he performs Armour King’s entire movelist in the leadup to the release of Tekken 7. A whopping 108 moves with very good accuracy.  

LinusTechTips does 8K Gaming

October 9, 2016 0

Most of us dream of gaming at 4K but some are already aiming for 8K. Check out Linus’ latest video where he plays on this insane setup.  

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